Review of Origins: "Challenging, Whimsical, Melodic and Engaging"

Kontras Quartet
MSR 1537
Distributor: Albany
ISBN#6 81585 15372 7

Works that are alternately challenging, whimsical, inventive, melodic and engaging fill the adventuresome program on this CD. A work called "Hunting: Gathering" inspired by native South African sound motifs; "Japanese Folk song Suite" has been a performance favorite of this group, and they have finally recorded it. The group has a stated appetite for the musically bizarre and unexpected, and they found satisfaction for this in Stravinsky's "3 pieces", and the program closes with a playful, accessible work by modern composer Dan Visconti that includes snippets of songs, rhythmic intricacy and special effects, "Ramshackle Songs."

Salisbury University
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