"A Tightly Crafted and Beautiful Instrument"

Opening the concert was String Quartet in G, K. 387, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ... The quartet is rich in content and development, with the final movement being a remarkable fugue, full of modulations and chromatic figures. To say that the playing was impressive would be an understatement. The performance was full of life, clean, crisp, and vibrant. I could not help thinking as I was listening that I have recordings of this work by seasoned quartets whose performance is not as good, or as interesting.

The evening concluded with that great "impressionistic" work, the String Quartet in F by Maurice Ravel ... One of the marks of a memorable performance is the ability of the performers to present a piece as something different from all of the other performances people have heard. The Kontras Quartet achieved this goal with great success. All of the musical lines, but especially the inner voices of the second violin and viola, sang out with clarity and sheer beauty ... With tonight's performance, it is evident that the Kontras Quartet has worked hard and has become a tightly crafted and beautiful instrument.

CVNC Arts Journal
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