Lucid Dreamer
Label: DoubleTime Music
Released: May 20, 2015

* Included on the first-round ballot for the 2015 Grammys - Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance (Classical), Best Engineered Album (Classical), Best Contemporary Composition (Classical)

In 2013, Kontras commissioned Jens Kruger of the internationally renowned Kruger Brothers to write a brand new work for string quartet, banjo, guitar and bass. A year of intense composing resulted in an exquisite work with seven movements - a fascinating hybrid of classical and American folk - entitled Lucid Dreamer. After premiering the work in 2014, the Kontras Quartet and the Kruger Brothers are thrilled to announce the release of the Lucid Dreamer CD in multiple formats.

In the composer's words: "Lucid Dreamer is a musical interpretation of experiencing a waking state of reverie. The music is a delicate idea that gathers strength and takes flight, releasing the listener from the surly bonds of earth as it soars, dips and glides like a flock of birds. It is a journey that touches upon the dynamic created between the fragility of life and the boldness that it takes to live it...”

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